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Alternative writings
Writings of a deranged Autistic Novelist
11th-Aug-2016 12:46 pm(no subject)
Parakeet Chirrup
The Rock of Kuthian

FINALLY onto the rock. Which I’ve totally forgotten the purpose of. Anyway, Eragon wastes about a half hour casting spells trying to find any magic that could harm him. Detect magic is an awesome spell. Detect harmful magic should be an easy enough spell. Perhaps it’s a bit too broad and take up too much energy, but I’m not exactly sure what else he’d be looking for. Like what spells would he be casting in looking for bad things besides, like “Detect harmful magic”. But it sounds cool. Shows that he’s being cautious.

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3rd-Jul-2016 10:12 am - Writing - wheeee
Parakeet Chirrup
Do you know what's more awesome than Eragon!? (Besides almost everything?)

Getting more things published!

The Heir

Adventuring Parties?

Two out of six. The rest will be published on the 5th, 7th and 9th of July. It's a small series.

And even better they're staring Alec! My long time character I've had since 1992-93 who is a great big Gary Stu, but I love him anyways.

Now my Great Big Gary Stu is a canon character! How cool is that!?
25th-Jun-2016 04:30 pm - Snalglí for Two
Parakeet Chirrup
Snalglí for two

Right so, useless chapter is useless.

Eragon wakes up in the afternoon and gets weird about Saphira’s consciousness. Describing it like a “flame that had dimmed until it was little more than a smoldering coal, a coal that might just as easily go out as flame up again”. Which sounds more like someone in a coma than a sleep. Sleeping minds are still active after all. (We’re just going to ignore the bit about how it’s fire that dims and becomes coals, not flames). The thoughts remind him of death so he stops thinking them.

He lays about for an hour listening to the noises that the forest made including squirrel noises that didn’t quite sound like squirrel noises before he decides to get up and look for firewood. However instead of staying near their sleeping spot he decided to go deep into the unknown woods where possibly horrible mutant things warped by the Nuclear Elf blowing up is by himself. NEVER SPLIT THE PARTY.

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15th-Jun-2016 09:47 am(no subject)
Parakeet Chirrup
Amid the Ruins

Eragon and Saphira finally get to Vroengard Island. Remember that? Remember they exist? And finally they get to the city of Doru Araeba. It’s really big. Some buildings are as big as Carvahall - the village where Eragon grew up. “Every door was like the mouth to a vast, unexplored cavern. Every window was as tall and wide as a castle gate, and every wall was a sheer cliff.” Now the weird nitpicky part of me is like “Well, cavern mouths to vast caverns aren’t always really big…” but I know what he means. It’s actually a somewhat decent description. The architecture reminds Eragon of the houses in the Palancar Valley and that’s where the earliest humans came from.

It’s also where Eragon and Roran came from. And some kings of the land… .and if Roran ends up being a king’s descendant, becomes king, or something like that I’m going to be peeved.

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13th-May-2016 08:10 pm(no subject)
Parakeet Chirrup
I do apologize for how long it's taking for me to put these things up but GOD it's a boring read. (But yes, I want to finish this) Also, I've been working on penguins. Etsy shop selling them. And the penguin comic which I need to find a better place for.

Maybe wordpress.

ANYWAY... here onto the chapter.

Burrow Grubs

Our chapter begins with a telling of Nausada’s escape attempt after she got the spoon. This actually starts after it happened so we’re told, as just mentioned, exactly how she escaped and we know she was captured, so there goes any sort of tension.

Using her spoon (SPOON!) she filed it away to a sharp pointy bit for hours. Apparently she was hoping to use the spoon on Murtagh or Galbatorix at least that’s what it sounded like but instead her jailer shows up and she stabs him as soon as she’s able, right under the chin. Which leads to a rather ridiculous death scene:

The man squealed, a horrible, high-pitched sound that reminded her of a pig at slaughter, and spun thrice around, flailing his arms, then fell to the floor, where he lay thrashing and frothing and drumming his his heels for what seemed an unreasonably long time

For some reason the guards don’t hear things.

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12th-Feb-2016 01:56 pm(no subject)
Parakeet Chirrup
A Crown of Ice and Snow

Okay, this description, right off the bat, is a bit ridiculous: “When the first pale rays of light streaked across the surface of the dimple sea, illuminating the crests of the translucent waves - which glittered as if carved from crystal…” That bit about being carved from crystal is extraneous for starters. And waves from a height never look translucent to me - but that’s just me. Dimples is just silly. It makes me think of pimples on a teeanger’s face. Other people’s views might very.

Anyway, because they were dipshi…

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11th-Jan-2016 05:29 pm - Whatave I been up to?
Parakeet Chirrup
I suppose I should share what I've been doing since I think it's pretty cool.

It's Penguins!

I've posted up a few pictures of them earlier but here's something a bit more comprehensive and coherent.

1. An Etsy shop

Two penguins pictured here:

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2. A web comic staring five of the penguins: Swordmage, Wizard, Ranger, Barbarian and Cleric. It's published Tuesday and Fridays (hopefully). I want to find a better site for the comic, but that's where they'll be for now.
10th-Jan-2016 05:37 pm(no subject)
Parakeet Chirrup
We’re still with Nasuada.

Make her go away.

She wants Murtagh to come back to free her from her agony…

Instead we get her jailer.

Her jailer and his goddamn fucking shiny nails. In fact he makes a point of showing her his very shiny nails which she compliments him on. “instead, she contented herself with thanking the man for his help and, for the second time, complimenting him on his nails, which were even shiner that before and which he quite obviously wanted her to see, for he kept holding his hands where she could not help but look at them.”

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24th-Dec-2015 11:21 am - Happy Holidays!
Parakeet Chirrup
The sound of his voice, the touch of his hand

There’s one big thing that annoys me about this chapter. The most interesting thing happens at the end and we’re just told about it, not shown. It could just be because I find Murtagh more interesting than some of the other characters, but still.this chapter could have been much better handled if it dealt with this last big instead of what I had to read.

What we get is Galbatorix torturing Nasuada. It seems like he’s making up for all that not evil shit he did in the previous three books by being horribly evil in this book. And really, I can’t very much defend my stance on him not being evil here and instead can only complain about how cliched evil he’s being here. He’s so evil that he’s making other people do his evil for him! In this case it’s Murtagh.

Poor baby.

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2nd-Nov-2015 10:06 am(no subject)
Parakeet Chirrup
The Wings of a Dragon

This chapter is Eragon, Saphira and Glaedr flying off to find the Vault of Souls.

Now the interesting thing here is that Glaedr is coming with them even though he can’t remember why they’re going to this place they’re going because of that spell. Glaedr did volunteer to go, but I’m just wondering why he’s not saying every so often “Where are we going?” Admittedly Glaedr has been quiet for a good part of the trip, but whatever.

Eragon spends some of the chapter musing over the fact that all the bloodshed “had left him feeling as if he was no longer quite himself” and that “On the Varden’s behalf, he had killed hundreds of soldiers - few of whom had even the slighted chance of harming him - and though his actions had been justified, the memories troubled him. He did not want every fight to be desperate and every opponent to be his equal of his better - far from it - but at the same time, the easy slaughter of so many made him feel more like a butcher than a warrior. Death, he had become to believe, was a corrosive thing, and the more he was around it, the more it gnawed away at who he was.”

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