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11th-Jan-2016 05:29 pm - Whatave I been up to?
Parakeet Chirrup
I suppose I should share what I've been doing since I think it's pretty cool.

It's Penguins!

I've posted up a few pictures of them earlier but here's something a bit more comprehensive and coherent.

1. An Etsy shop

Two penguins pictured here:

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2. A web comic staring five of the penguins: Swordmage, Wizard, Ranger, Barbarian and Cleric. It's published Tuesday and Fridays (hopefully). I want to find a better site for the comic, but that's where they'll be for now.
10th-Jan-2016 05:37 pm(no subject)
Parakeet Chirrup
We’re still with Nasuada.

Make her go away.

She wants Murtagh to come back to free her from her agony…

Instead we get her jailer.

Her jailer and his goddamn fucking shiny nails. In fact he makes a point of showing her his very shiny nails which she compliments him on. “instead, she contented herself with thanking the man for his help and, for the second time, complimenting him on his nails, which were even shiner that before and which he quite obviously wanted her to see, for he kept holding his hands where she could not help but look at them.”

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24th-Dec-2015 11:21 am - Happy Holidays!
Parakeet Chirrup
The sound of his voice, the touch of his hand

There’s one big thing that annoys me about this chapter. The most interesting thing happens at the end and we’re just told about it, not shown. It could just be because I find Murtagh more interesting than some of the other characters, but still.this chapter could have been much better handled if it dealt with this last big instead of what I had to read.

What we get is Galbatorix torturing Nasuada. It seems like he’s making up for all that not evil shit he did in the previous three books by being horribly evil in this book. And really, I can’t very much defend my stance on him not being evil here and instead can only complain about how cliched evil he’s being here. He’s so evil that he’s making other people do his evil for him! In this case it’s Murtagh.

Poor baby.

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2nd-Nov-2015 10:06 am(no subject)
Parakeet Chirrup
The Wings of a Dragon

This chapter is Eragon, Saphira and Glaedr flying off to find the Vault of Souls.

Now the interesting thing here is that Glaedr is coming with them even though he can’t remember why they’re going to this place they’re going because of that spell. Glaedr did volunteer to go, but I’m just wondering why he’s not saying every so often “Where are we going?” Admittedly Glaedr has been quiet for a good part of the trip, but whatever.

Eragon spends some of the chapter musing over the fact that all the bloodshed “had left him feeling as if he was no longer quite himself” and that “On the Varden’s behalf, he had killed hundreds of soldiers - few of whom had even the slighted chance of harming him - and though his actions had been justified, the memories troubled him. He did not want every fight to be desperate and every opponent to be his equal of his better - far from it - but at the same time, the easy slaughter of so many made him feel more like a butcher than a warrior. Death, he had become to believe, was a corrosive thing, and the more he was around it, the more it gnawed away at who he was.”

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6th-Oct-2015 03:33 pm(no subject)
Parakeet Chirrup
I imagine people are wondering what happened to me.

Penguins did.

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7th-Sep-2015 05:50 pm(no subject)
Parakeet Chirrup
wo Nasuada chapters for the price of one! Yay?

“Nasuada opened her eyes”. Great opening to the chapter.

She is tie to a flat, cold, smooth and hard surface. She is also in a room with some really interesting designs on the ceiling. However, I’m not exactly sure how she’s able to see them. Especially in such detail. Including the fact that the colors are red, blue and gold. Why? Because it’s very dark in the room.

First of all the tiles covered the dark vaulted ceiling and the little bit of light here is barely bright enough to show the size and shape of the room. The ceiling is dark. The corners are dark. Everything is dark. And as far as we know, Nasuada doesn’t have any low light vision to help her see things better. Yet she could still see those intricate patterns. Why? Because Paolini wanted to have the room be visually interesting and needed to describe it… damn be the fact she wouldn’t be able to see it!

Also, interestingly, she’s only able to feel the cold stone on her heels and the pads of her fingers. Despite the fact that she’s only wearing “a thin white shift” and so her legs and butt and back should be able to feel it.

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31st-Aug-2015 01:33 pm(no subject)
Parakeet Chirrup
Because I forgot to post the previous chapter on here:

Questions Unanswered and Departure. If I had realized how short they both were I would have combined them into one post.

Ah well.
24th-Jul-2015 10:10 pm(no subject)
Parakeet Chirrup

15th-Jul-2015 12:01 pm(no subject)
Parakeet Chirrup
Best of Luna Station Quarterly, the First Five Years

So, the first story I ever got published is in an anthology now. You all should buy it.
27th-Jun-2015 11:31 am(no subject)
Parakeet Chirrup
I’ve decided I hate this chapter. It’s one of those Dues Ex Machina chapters where the characters miraculously get information without really needing to dig for it and there’s no good explained reason for it to have happened. The characters can’t explain it - just happens.

Also, for some stupid reason Solembum’s eyes change colors. I don’t care if I get an explanation later, I’m sure it’s going to be stupid. Though one thing I do enjoy about this chapter is Solembum’s continual insulting and threatening of Eragon. It’s always nice to see that happen. He threatens at one point to tear Eragon’s face off and feed his guts to the crows.

Happy thoughts.

If only it would happen.

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